black and white dog outside

PupDog is a Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) born in March 2004. His major professional activities include public relations, welcoming clients and their pets in the reception area, sharing time, and an occasional treat, with his many friends. He actively participates in our hospital tours, and is truly loved by all of our staff and clients. Just one of PupDog’s many great communicative skills has been his ability to convince our many clients that energy comes from the treat jar and is vital in ones daily performance!  One of his greatest joys is playing fetch at the park and spending time with his best friends Lilly Peche, Lola and Leo. P.G Lilly Peche joined our family in March 2012 (born December 2011) a Portuguese Water Dog . While PupDog’s professional responsibilities remain the same Lilly has just added a new dimension enriched with unlimited talent. Pupdog’s enthusiasm, love for life, communicative skills, work ethic continues to inspire everyone. He just performs naturally with grace, pride, passion and 12 years of refined experience. Pupdog has been on medications for severe multi-joint arthritis in more recent years. With the staff providing the appropriate medical care including regular laser therapy;  he functions very well and remains a happy guy.


It was on October 16, 2017  we lost our invaluable team member.


Mr Pupdog really was the public relations expert at our hospital.  He set the standard for all of us. As many have said both staff and clients he was that extraordinary perfect individual.  He leaves us all enriched.

Thank You Mr Pupdog for your the many years of sharing your passion, love, awareness, goodness and appreciation for the music in everyday.