P.G. Lily Peche

top down view of black dog

Lily, a Portuguese Water Dog, was born December 13, 2011.  Her lineage is a result of artificial insemination using 20 year old frozen semen.  From the moment Lily arrived at Southdown Animal Clinic in March 2012 she was an immediate welcome for Dr. Warren team members.  Lily is very professional greeting our clients when they arrive.  She manages to receive  treats by focusing her beautiful brown compelling eyes at our loving clients! Lily has always loved to play/share with her closest past friends Pupdog and Lola!  Her fun joyous nature has been even been more in demand with the new Champ Dog’s energy and zest for life. She brings maturity and infinite love for everyone.  Lily has been integral with all our family at Southdown Animal Clinic.

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