Co-operative Education Program

Co-operative Education at Southdown Animal Clinic

We welcome grade 11 and grade 12 high school students from Mississauga and Oakville High Schools to actively participate in a learning experience at Southdown Animal Clinic. Students are provided with a structured curriculum that involves hands-on participation in medical cases and client relations along with researching various aspects of a veterinary hospital. On completing their placement students work on a written and oral presentation for their school as well as a display at the clinic. Some of our co-op students (Nancy, Sammy, Chantel, Gabby ,Brittany and Rebecca) have continued on at Southdown Animal Clinic in full and part-time positions fostering their love of the profession and continuing their academic pursuits. We take immense pride in having an inspiring influence on the student’s future endeavours.

Rebecca has summarized her experience here as a Grade 11 high school student in the Fall semester 2014.

” Completing my 2-credit co-op placement at Southdown Animal Clinic in the fall of  2014 was by far the best experience of my high school journey. My placement at the clinic completely exceeded my expectations and left me with valuable skills and experiences that will benefit me far into the future. Not only did I gain exposure to a workplace environment, but I was able to participate in and learn about the various aspects of veterinary medicine. Every day at the clinic brought new experiences and learning opportunities. The Southdown team displays incredible passion for the veterinary field, and it shows in their dedication to the co-operative program. Staff members never hesitated to explain and answer my questions, and were supportive in every way. This placement has been a big part in my decision to pursue a career as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and is a program that I would strongly recommend to any student with a passion for animals. The co-operative education program is an invaluable experience for any student, and the exceptional program Southdown provides is one that is sure to influence many other students in the future.”


Clarkson High School/Fall 2014