Jan 11 2013

2013 Rabies Tags

We are excited to let you know about our new (2013) Rabies vaccination tags. Each tag has a unique number and QR code associated with it. The pet’s information can be scanned by any electronic device (e.g. smartphone) that is equipped with a QR reader. Your smartphone must have a QR reader app in order to use this technology. When you receive your new tag, there are instructions included regarding how to register your pet’s information online: you can include as much or as little information as you want. You can also include personal contact information (e.g. your phone number and email address), otherwise the default contact number provided belongs to Southdown Animal Clinic. We have standard-sized tags for medium to large dogs, and small tags for small dogs and cats.

A microchip and this new style of rabies tag are not interchangeable. A microchip is permanently implanted just below the skin, and is encoded with a unique number matched with the owner’s information. A microchip is not reflective of your pet’s vaccine or health status. The rabies vaccine tag is an indicator of rabies vaccine status (the health/vaccine certificate provided at the time of your pet’s annual health exam is the ultimate proof of vaccination and, at minimum, is required for any travel outside of the country). The new rabies tag can also include more detailed information about your pet’s health (e.g. diabetic, epileptic, etc.) if you choose to enter that information when you register your pet’s tag. If the rabies tag becomes lost, your pet will not have any identifying information unless it is microchipped. So both the tag and the microchip are important! For a heartwarming story about a family dog that went missing and was re-united with his family as a result of his microchip, see “A Very Joyful Reunion” in our “News” section.

For more information about our new rabies tags, please visit www.soslostpets.com.