A Young 80 gram Chinchilla: Life Saving front leg amputation

Chin LF  PO Jasper All 80 grams (3 Legged)

Jasper on a revisit to our hospital 1 month after surgery-Happy and very energetic.

Canadian Chinchilla Rescue (Canada)  It all happened Summer 2014 when an 80 gram chinchilla came to us at Southdown Animal Clinic under the guiding care of “TLC” an individual with Chinchilla Rescue, Canada.  Jasper was just a baby Chin, D.O B. April 19.2014 with a big problem! The left front leg was useless/non-functional with no blood or feeling in the lower extremity. This most likely would have been the result of limb entrapment (strangulation). These guys  are very gregarious and the environment must be safe. Our clinical finding was a strangulated/devitalized left front leg with no chance of recirculation. The recognized descriptive diagnosis would be gangrene. The only chance for survival and a future was major surgery. Authorization to proceed was given for live saving surgery which meant a complete limb amputation. Key Points: 1) Chinchillas are very active acrobatic animals and require lots of safe space/housing for play, climbing, jumping etc.. 2) Everyone deserves a chance to experience the beauty of life. 3)  The advances in modern day medicine in the areas of anesthesia, pain management, current therapies and the competency/skill of the surgical team makes anything  possible. 4) Youth, age, mini size should not be a deterrent -do no harm and just do it! 5) Conversation in August 2015 with TLC speaks to the success and the great uninhibited life that this nearly 500 gram individual lives.  A  more recent conversation in April 2016 with “TLC” indicates that for this individual it is all great!

CHIN Presurgery LF (2)

Minutes before the anesthetic encouragement with the support of loving hands.

Chinchilla LF Surgery Table

Ready to proceed with surgery while under a general anesthesia


CHIN Surgery Team LF (7)

Our Mississauga veterinary surgical team in action in surgical suite at Southdown Animal Clinic

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